Architectural design is much like a chess game. The further ahead you can plan your moves and anticipate the steps required to win the game will keep a project moving in a positive direction. Right from the initial design of a project factors such as structural systems, civil design, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, zoning and building code issues should be incorporated to as great an extent as is possible. If any one factor is not thought out at an early stage it can dramatically change a design to the extent that major redesign may occur.
Whether a building is going to be an architectural statement or of a utilitarian use, design should go through a process to achieve the desired result.
Current technology allows architects to transmit designs, construction drawings and documents to clients and engineers through the internet. This is a powerful tool to cut down on time and materials. Today a client can be a continent away and can be serviced just as easily as one in the same town.

Dimensions 2&3 can provide the following architectural services:
* Conceptual Design and Space Planning
* Initial Site Planning
* Design Development and Coordination
* Construction Drawings and Outline Specifications
* Construction Administration
* Building Code Reports

Past project types:
Banks * Credit Unions * Health Facilities * Churches * Schools * Condominiums * Dormitories * Automobile Service Facilities * Retirement Homes * Supermarkets * Housing Rehab * ADA Handicapped Access Upgrades * Restaurants * Office and Space Planning * Custom Homes and Additions.

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